Custom Welcome Materials

Our ministry is now offering customized design for welcome packets, a-frame signs and banners. You provide details specific to your parish and we provide printer-ready files, which you can then send to a local printer for production.

Read below to learn about each product. Choose from one of four colors: olive green, deep red, ethereal purple, or heavenly blue. The featured icon is Christ from Mount Sinai. Fonts used are Gill Sans and Adobe Caslon.

See our print production estimates here. Keep in mind that you may be able to find even more competitive prices in your area, or with online print services such as VistaPrint.

Choose Your Product

Fully Customizable Welcome Suite, $50.00
including printer-ready files for banners, welcome folder and inserts, and a-frame signs. See details for each piece of this package below.

After purchasing this option, you will receive a Word Document with guidance on how to revise the text for your parish.

Please provide your name, parish name, and phone number when checking out, so that we can get in touch about the customization process.

Welcome Folder with graduated inserts, $40.00

This 6″ x 9″ welcome folder has an icon of Christ and “Welcome!” printed on the front. “We’re Glad You’re Here” is printed on the inside left flap. The inside right flap features a die-cut insert for a business card. A basic Timeline of Church History is printed on the back cover.

Graduated inserts have the following titles:

  • Our Parish – you provide up to 500 words introducing your parish to a guest
  • Ministries for You – you provide up to 400 words describing opportunities for a newcomer to get involved
  • New Here? – minimal revision
  • Children in Church – minimal revision
  • Let’s Connect or Prayer Request – minimal revision

Cost estimate: $3.70/packet for 250 pieces

Custom Banners, $20.00
Vinyl welcome banners can play an important part in communicating to passers-by that they’re welcome inside the doors of your church. Additionally, the banners remind parishioners of their role in welcoming visitors as they pass the banner on their way into the parking lot.

You receive a customized version of all four welcome messages in your color, so that you can order them when you’re ready and change your message regularly. Rotating banners has two benefits: preserving the life of the banner and keeping your audience. Add your service time and parish web address. Default size is 4’x10′. Size can be adjusted to specified dimensions.

  1. Visitors Welcome. Services in English.
  2. Offering Orthodox Christianity to all people.
  3. Wellness, Wholeness, Spirituality. Join us!
  4. If you worshipped here, you’d be at church by now.
Cost estimate: $4 per square foot

Custom A-Frame Signs, $20.00
Intended for placing outside the church entrance or at the nearest intersection when the church is open. Especially well-suited for parishes with pedestrian traffic.

You receive artwork for two 24″ x 36″ rigid inserts, plus 4-6 service time pieces to print and make interchangeable with Velcro.

Cost estimate, including sign and removable printed inserts: $145-176

Choose Your Product

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