Welcome Ministry

An attractive display of information + a friendly greeter are a welcome sight in the narthex.

An active Welcome Ministry is ready to respond to our most obvious evangelistic opportunity: the people who have made their way to the church door. Sunday greeters can make this new experience less intimidating by answering questions, providing the right materials, and making introductions.

  1. Recruit volunteers to serve as greeters for Sunday mornings and other services.
  2. Define responsibilities (i.e. what time to arrive by, what to hand out) and create a schedule and substitution system.
  3. Provide training as needed (i.e. go over Welcome Packet, common questions).
  4. Create a Welcome Packet for visitors.
    • Fr. Jim Kordaris (646-519-6160) at the Greek Archdiocese can send you the following:
      • Brochures regarding The Eucharist, Baptism, and more
      • Visitor Card and customizable stand
      • Welcome folder depicting Christ the Good Shepherd
    • Ancient Faith Publishing brochures are available here.
    • Comprehensive “What is the Orthodox Church?” pamphlet is available here. 
  5. Capture visitor contact information with guest sign-in or visitor card.
  6. Create a system for clergy to formally acknowledge visitors by name during announcements.
  7. Seat visitors next to parishioners who are willing to help them find their way in the service book.
  8. Invite visitors to stay for coffee hour.
  9. Follow up with visitors during coffee hour.
    • Introduce visitors to the clergy and other parishioners.
    • Create a welcome table in the fellowship hall and staff the table. Keep it stocked with appropriate brochures and parish information.
  10. Make follow-up phone calls with visitors the week after their visit.
  11. Create a parish-specific brochure to tell your story. Contact us for sample copy.
  12. Create materials to describe parish ministries and invite participation.
  13. Routinely evaluate Welcome Packet for improvement.