Even temporary sites can have beautiful signage.

If “Orthodoxy is America’s Best Kept Secret,” our goal is to let every American in on it.

Improving Parish Visibility means making sure that everyone in your community knows that your parish exists. It means putting time and effort into creating a meaningful online presence. You can increase your parish’s street appeal with landscaping and well-placed, attractive signage. Whether your building is temporary or Byzantine, you can ensure that passersby know “walk-ins are welcome.”

Parish Website

Consider the website’s two main purposes: 1) a hub of information for parishioners and 2) an inquirer’s first introduction to the Church. See a basic overview of the Evangelistic Parish Website.

  1. Make sure essential information is prominently featured on the homepage:
    • location
    • service times
    • guests are welcome
    • language of service
  2. The website should strive to be:
    • Up-to-date and fresh
    • Organized and easy to navigate
    • Attractive
    • Well-linked for easy Google searching
    • As complete a reflection of parish-wide activities as possible
    • A resource for information on Orthodox theology, history, traditions and answers to basic questions
    • A place where the virtual visitor receives an invitation to visit the physical parish
  3. Consider additional social media with a publication schedule (requires dedicated volunteer or staff attention)
  4. Record and offer Sunday Sermons as downloads on the website (requires a dedicated volunteer or staff member)
  5. Make sure your parish listing is accurate in each of the following directories:
    1. Greek Archdiocese Parish Directory
    2. Orthodoxy in America
    3. Get To Know the Original
Parish Physical Location
  1. Install a clear, easy to read sign with the parish name. You may also consider
    • website
    • tagline
    • “Services in English”
    • “Join us” or “All are welcome”
  2. Make sure the sign is adequately illuminated at night.
  3. Take proper care of parish landscaping.
  4. Design & Order Banners to welcome visitors and highlight liturgical seasons.
Parish in the Community
  1. Submit press releases to local news outlets about parish events.
  2. Offer to write articles for the local newspaper by clergy and other lay people.
  3. Work with the local radio station to broadcast a show or advertisement.
  4. Share about projects, classes, and, with their permission, accomplishments of individual parishioners.
Develop Community Partnerships

There are a myriad of ways to serve those in need. As you become involved, do not forget the opportunity for both those being served and those whom you are partnering with to learn about the Orthodox Faith. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Consider how your parish might be able to offer its location to the neighborhood–as a meeting place, a safe place for an afterschool tutoring program, etc.
  2. Join a rotation of groups serving meals, volunteering at a food pantry, or providing shelter.
  3. Run an annual diaper drive for the pregnancy resource center.
  4. Collect nonperishable food for the food bank.
  5. Assemble back-t0-school kits for school children in need at the neighborhood school.