Missions Possible

Missions Possible 2018 is underway! The goal of this annual campaign, formerly known as Mochas for Missions, is to educate the faithful about our evangelistic calling and to raise funds for work in our Metropolis mission field.


Missions Possible commonly takes place from the beginning of Great Lent through the Paschal season and ends on the Sunday of Pentecost. We encourage every Missions & Evangelism Ministry to make sure that they are running theMissions Possible program in some form with the blessing of the parish priest.

Why is there a New Theme?
M4M CoffeeCup-logo

In 2015, this campaign transitioned from the well-known Pennies & Prayers name to a new theme: Mochas for Missions. With the popularity of Starbucks and speciality coffee drinks on the rise, the idea was to self-sacrificially give up one of these expensive drinks, or a similar treat, and dedicate that money to Missions & Evangelism instead. In three years of Mochas for Missions, parishes raised over $110,000 for this ministry!

In order to offer a fresh perspective and speak to new audiences, our Ministry Team supports the idea of introducing a new theme approximately every three years. As of February 2018, our new theme is…Fun new name, same great cause: Growing Orthodoxy in America!

Adopt the Campaign Model

We encourage parishes to move away from the practice of putting out canisters all year long and instead only run the campaign for a specific, targeted time. Experience shows that a short, focused and limited timeframe is most effective for fulfilling the two goals of this campaign: to educate and fundraise. Parishioners should feel a sense of accomplishment when the campaign concludes at Pentecost. That positive feeling will be remembered when the campaign rolls out again the following year.

Every year, approximately one month prior to Forgiveness Sunday, the new campaign materials will be available on this page for download. Additionally, these materials will be mailed and/or hand-delivered to the priest of each parish.

After Pentecost Sunday, the parish Missions Possible representative may send feedback and moneys collected to Missions & Evangelism Ministry at 14485 SW Walker Rd., Beaverton OR 97006.

New for 2018

We are encouraging every parish to do an evangelism project in conjunction with the campaign this year. This could be anything from recruiting additional greeters and offering a training to planning an adult education event. The first item below is a list of sample project ideas.

Missions Possible 2018 Materials:
  1. Parish Project Ideas (PDF)
  2. Tips for Completing Your Mission (PDF)
  3. Campaign launch insert for weekly bulletin (PDF – 3pgs)
  4. 2018 posters (PDF – 2pgs)
  5. Stickers for canisters or cups – Contact Us to request more.
  6. Prayer cards for six mission parishes – Contact Us to request more.
Mochas for Missions 2017 Materials:
  1. 2017 Helpful Tips (PDF)
  2. Stickers for canisters or cups
  3. C.O.M.E. Fast Facts
  4. Campaign launch insert for editing (MS Word)
  5. Three 2017 Journey to Orthodoxy articles formatted for monthly newsletters (PDF)
  6. Feb. 9, 2017 Webinar about Mochas for Missions – 1hr
Mochas for Missions Parish Displays