OCMC Mission Team Training

OCMC is the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, located in St. Augustine, Florida, is a Pan-Orthodox ministry of the Assembly of Canonical Bishops. OCMC sends missionaries and mission teams to serve in diverse locations, such as Kenya, Albania, Guatemala, Alaska and Indonesia.

We encourage your Foreign Missions Ambassador to apply with OCMC and use their program as a guide. The leadership of both OCMC and our Missions & Evangelism Ministry agree that this ambassador’s role is to increase awareness about international missions in general and help parishioners connect these efforts with our calling to be missionaries in our own communities.

  1. Recruit an Ambassador, perhaps someone who has served on an OCMC mission team or had other foreign mission experience.
  2. Register with OCMC as the parish’s primary contact here.
  3. Work to further OCMC’s five goals for parish missions ministry:
    • Raise awareness about international missions
    • Be a resource for international mission opportunities
    • Develop mission opportunities for the parish to participate in (i.e. lead a group to Project Mexico)
    • Raise funds for international missions
    • Encourage support of international missions through personal giving.
  4. Create a parish mailbox for the Foreign Missions Ambassador to receive OCMC related mail.
  5. Create a bulletin board or display space reserved for international missions news.
  6. Dedicate a Sunday to Missions Awareness, Domestic & International, such as the Sunday after Pentecost, Sunday of All Saints. Ideas for how to promote Missions Sunday:
    • Write a newsletter article about current international missions activities.
    • Highlight international missions activities in the weekly bulletin.
    • Offer coffee hour refreshments on this Sunday.
    • Ask for a free will offering for OCMC or another international missions project.
    • Invite an OCMC representative or missionary to speak.
  7. Connect Sunday School teachers with OCMC curriculum (scroll down for curriculum links). Each year a new set of Sunday School lessons is produced.
  8. Host OCMC missionaries to speak when they come to the area.
  9. Encourage the parish to sponsor an OCMC missionary or participate in the SAMP (Support A Mission Priest) program.
  10. Be an active part of building the culture of missions, a right hand to the local priest, bringing articles and related materials to his attention.
  11. Write articles about missionary saints for the parish newsletter.
  12. Encourage studies or talks inspired by the life and work of missionary saints and/or specific missionary themes.