In-Reach and Adult Education

We learn a lot about our Faith by living our Faith.

The number one way that people come to Christ is through relationship with Christ and sincere Christians. This has been the case since Christ began His ministry with the apostles and at His Ascension said these words, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… (Matthew 28:19).”

To make disciples, we must first be disciples. The evangelistic work begins with a commitment to know and live our Faith. We hope and expect that when we allow Christ to work in us, we will have the opportunity to introduce others to Him and His Holy Church.

  1. Establish a morning and/or evening weekly Bible Study.
    • Advertise Bible Study through parish communications and verbally encourage attendance.
    • Individually invite parishioners to attend.
    • Encourage inquirers and catechumens to attend as part of their catechumenate.
    • Consider breaking the year into several 5-7 week themed studies.
  2. Inquirers’ Classes
    • Offer a catechism series at least once annually. Contact us to request a Powerpoint slide deck of 12 90-minute Basics of Orthodoxy classes. 
    • Advertise the inquirers’ series through the parish communications media and verbally encourage attendance. Emphasize the importance of re-catechism for long-time members.
    • Create a mini-inquirers’ class to be held 2-3 weeks after the parish festival, open house, or other fundraisers or events. Advertise this class heavily during the festival or event.
  3. Record Sunday Sermons and offer them for download on the parish website (requires a dedicated volunteer).
  4. Develop educators/catechists in the parish to help teach or lead classes.
  5. Enhance Worship Experience – A positive, prayerful and beautiful worship experience is a powerful outreach tool.
  6. Encourage Parish Membership to see themselves as witnesses of the Orthodox Faith to the people around them.
  7. Emphasize importance of spiritual reading and routinely recommend books for parish-wide study.
  8. Utilize the monthly newsletter as a means of education, inspiration and testimonials of either conversion or the deepening of one’s faith.
  9. Lead parishioners to reflect on their journey to, or within, Orthodoxy and be ready to share this story with others. See Sharing Your Journey document.