The fruits of this ministry are engaged parishioners, vibrant communities, personal spiritual maturity, increased stewardship, and a growing Body of Christ.

We believe that parishes can progress towards greater health with the help of a parishioner-led Missions & Evangelism Ministry. Through this ministry, the whole community can be challenged to welcome others and deepen their knowledge of the faith.

These pages are aimed to help parish Missions & Evangelism Ministries access resources and inspiration to drive their evangelistic work. Start here:

The pages listed to the left describe practices identified for each of the seven focus areas of a parish Missions & Evangelism Ministry. Click here for a print-ready PDF of these pages. 

Getting Started

Some of the projects described here will already be in place at your parish. First, with the blessing of your priest, gather a group of interested people and choose a chair person. Begin by cataloging what your parish is already doing. Then choose 1-2 projects to start or develop further.

Stay In Touch

Please contact us if you would like examples of anything described here or information about getting in touch with parishes piloting a specific program.

Finally please tell us about evangelistic efforts at your parish not listed here. We are committed to capturing efforts that are bearing fruit in our parishes for everyone’s benefit.