Website Basics

The website should be attractive, up-to-date, organized and easy to navigate. It should be a source of accurate information for both parishioners and potential visitors. For seekers, it has the opportunity to provide a positive first impression and invite viewers to make their first visit to an Orthodox Church. Common features to consider include:

  • Welcome Message and Video – A brief welcome message can direct visitors to content and next steps for getting to know your community better. Additionally a warm, personal 3-5 minute video introduction to Orthodoxy with an invitation to visit can be produced, featuring clergy and lay members.
  • Special Visitors’ Content – Designate a page or section to answering questions about visiting, becoming Orthodox and why others have chosen to make the journey into the ancient Church.
  • Basic Information about Orthodoxy – This information can be supplied with freshly written content or through links to the Archdiocese and other sites regarding liturgical practice, Church history, sacraments and tenets of Faith.
  • Podcasts, Sermons & other Media
  • Schedule of Services, Bible Study and other events
  • Contact Address, Map and Directions
  • Contact E-mail, Phone Number and/or Form
  • Website Listed Correctly in Other Directories:

A site with basic, up-to-date content is better than a comprehensive site with inaccurate information. Ongoing maintenance of the site is key. Most parishes achieve this by assigning volunteers to manage specific content areas, such as uploading Sunday sermons and parish publications or regularly reviewing ministry content.

Even websites with great evangelistic content need periodic updating to keep up with innovations in design, web applications and technology. Review and improve your website regularly!