Outreach Ideas

  1. Parish Festival
    1. Emphasize importance of the festival as an outreach event
    2. Offer Church Tours, promote the bookstore and promote Orthodoxy in creative ways
  2. Church Tour Options
    1. 10-15 minute mini choir concerts
    2. Demonstrate or exhibit liturgical arts and items such as vestments, iconography, and church music.
    3. Bringing Bookstore materials into the church
    4. Schedule a 1 to 3-part inquirers’/basics class 2-3 weeks after the festival; hand out fliers to advertise it during festival church tours.
    5. Capture visitor contact information
  3. Organize lectures, talks, presentations, retreats and opportunities to introduce and educate the outside community about Orthodoxy. These presentations may take place at the church or at other public venues.
  4. Market outreach activities in parish and community media
  5. Bring in speakers who can address current issues from an Orthodox perspective
  6. Consider an Open House or a Spiritual Festival
  7. Consider inviting guests to Saturday Vespers and have the priest deliver an appropriate homily. Provide hospitality or a light reception.
  8. Contact local Christian Colleges and University departments, professors and instructors (i.e. Religion, Christian Formation, Theology, Art History) to offer clergy and other trained parishioners as lecturers on various aspects of Orthodox Christian Faith and practice
  9. Establish and support an Orthodox Christian Fellowship, OCF at a local college or university.
  10. Participate in Orthodox Prison Ministry, OPM, locally.