An Example – Logos Bookstore

We have prepared a small packet of information for those of you who may be interested in possibly beginning a bookstore ministry in your home parish. We share some experiences, guidelines and forms which were helpful to us in our journey since the beginning of our ministry.

Logos Bookstore was the first ministry started in our mission parish by Father Theodore and he has continued to mentor and support the ministry since its inception. Along with his support, the bookstore has continued to receive the support of the parish council and the parishioners.

At first,the bookstore was comprised of a few books and icons which were set out each Sunday on tables in the fellowship area and then packed away until the next Sunday. At our next location, a small room was set aside for the bookstore;it was located in the fellowship hall,right near the exit of the church. With a glass door entry and two bookcases, the new bookstore location allowed us to slowly increase our inventory. We next moved to our present site and with the added space and parishioner support,our inventory has grown accordingly.

In our packet we have included:

  • A Twelve Step Program for beginning a bookstore
  • Ordering guidelines for placing orders with vendors
  • A vendor list of suppliers most often used at Logos Bookstore
  • The C.O.M.E. listing of fifteen “Books to Inspire” as a possible beginning booklist
  • A sample purchase order form
  • A sample spreadsheet for tracking inventory
  • A listing of our bestselling introductory books on the Orthodox Church, in order of popularity
  • A listing of our bestselling books by category
  • A listing of our bestselling books in order of popularity

Download the complete pamphlet