Community Dinner

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Norfolk, Virginia has hosted the St. Maria of Paris Community Dinner for a few years. From the parish’s webpage: “The Community Dinner is a weekly event during which a free meal is prepared by volunteer parishioners and delivered in our Hellenic Center to anyone who wishes to attend. Initially advertised through local non-profit outreach ministries and eventually through word-of-mouth, attendance has grown from 20 guests (and 35 portions served) to over 60 guests (and over 80 portions served) each week. To manage the workload associated with the weekly preparation and delivery of the dinner, volunteers are organized in teams, each team organizing a meal once every few months.  This provides a sustainable level of effort for everyone involved.” The chairperson of this ministry maintains a binder of information about how to organize it, which they are willing to share with other interested parishes. Contact the Annunciation parish office to get in touch.