In addition to four great presenters, attendees of the National Missions & Evangelism Conference will get to meet several people developing resources to support parish Missions & Evangelism efforts. These individuals will be available during meals, breaks, fellowship and discussions to share how their ministries can help Bring Orthodoxy to America. Please allow me to introduce two of them here:

Fr JonathanFr. Jonathan Ivanoff of Orthodox Natural Church Development, ONCD, will be on hand to explain the ONCD survey process, how results are offered and how parishes benefit from ONCD surveys and coaching. Since healthy parishes attract growth, we believe that every effort to assess and improve parish health is a missions and evangelism effort. Find out which parishes have already used ONCD at

Adam Roberts, author of 100 Natural Ways to Grow the Church (available at and program developer for Becoming Truly Human, will share about both of these resources. Adam is also the host of an Ancient Faith Radioadam podcast about Orthodox evangelism, called “Go Forth!” At the conference you’ll be able to learn how Becoming Truly Human discussion groups work, see clips of the film, and receive a special conference discount ($297 for the full program; regular price is $397).

Becoming Truly Human is also offering a special preview this week with two free online film screenings. Use to participate:

ONCD & Becoming Truly Human will be in Portland!