How is Mission to America funding used?

Mission to America funds the operation of the Metropolis Missions & Evangelism Ministry. Funds support administrative costs like printing, postage, and website hosting, as well as travel to visit and work with Metropolis parishes. The annual budget also includes funds to support mission parish needs, and to bring mission parish leadership to the annual Clergy-Laity gathering at St. Nicholas Ranch.

Due to the bizarre circumstances of 2020, however, the Ministry has cut costs significantly and focused its attention on the concerns of parishes trying to get back into their worship spaces. In 2021 we’re using this fundraiser to fund six distinct projects at each of our Metropolis mission parishes on the island of Maui, in Pasco, Washington, in Salem and Roseburg, Oregon, and in Flagstaff and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 

What work does the Missions & Evangelism Ministry do?

We have five primary functions in “our mission to educate, equip, and engage clergy and faithful in Evangelism and Mission in the Orthodox Christian Tradition.”

  1. Understand our mission field
  2. Equip existing parishes
  3. Offer workshops specific to Missions & Evangelism
  4. Minister to and equip the missions in our care
  5. Plant new parishes in growing metropolitan areas


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Why use GoFundMe?

GoFundMe Charity provides a simple online method to facilitate what we have done every year until 2020 in our parishes; individual parishes raise funds towards a common goal. This is what GoFundMe was built for!

If your parish is in a position to fundraise in person as you have in years past, we are ready to send you materials in person. Please reach out via our Contact Page. 

Does GoFundMe charge a fee?

Yes, at the end of the campaign, 3% of funds raised will go to GoFundMe for a platform fee. Our Ministry feels that this is a reasonable amount to pay for the service provided. From a total of $40,000, the platform fee will amount to $1,200. Most years we spend over $1,000 on printing, postage, and extras to go into fundraising materials for each parish. Now we’re directing those resources into using the GoFundMe platform.

Why are we encouraged to set up a parish team page?

Ministry happens at the parish level. Our Ministry is successful only when parishes are successful getting the tools, resources, support, and ideas they need to impact the local community. This campaign happens in the parishes each year thanks to the efforts of individuals who have connected it to your story at the parish, you’ve made why you give personal, and you’ve expressed the impact this Ministry has on your parish.

Ultimately we hope you’ll also connect the campaign with renewed evangelism efforts in your parish.

What is a good parish goal?

Your goal should factor in the level of involvement of your parish in Missions Possible in previous years, as well as a sense of how the pandemic has impacted your parish and parish families economically. Please consult your parish priest and/or parish leadership to set an appropriate goal.

Parishes that set goals, regardless of dollar amount, experience greater success because the goal 1) communicates that the fundraiser is finite, and 2) gives the parish something to celebrate when they reach it.

Is this a competition?

This is not set up as a competition; there are no prizes. As in years past, we will highlight the parishes that are participating, for the inspiration of our whole Metropolis family of 66 parishes. A cathedral will be inspired by another cathedral, a suburban parish by another suburban parish, and a small parish by an even smaller parish.

What if we surpass our goal?

The goal of $30,000 this year was set to represent a grant of approximately $5,000 given to each of the six mission parishes. Once the final costs for these projects have been covered, excess funding will go into the operating budget of the Ministry in order to support ongoing administrative costs and look forward to when we’ll be able to travel and work with parishes again in person. 

How does the Ministry fund grants for mission parishes?

The Sts. George and Katherine Endowment Fund, was set up to support new parishes in our Metropolis. This fund enables our Ministry to give substantial grants to new parishes ready to achieve an important milestone in their growth–such as purchasing property or having a full-time priest assigned. In 2019, the Ministry was able to give a grant of $90,000 to the Holy Resurrection Mission in Salem, Oregon, thanks to the generosity of those who established the endowment fund.

Just to clarify, where do these funds NOT go?

These funds are NOT used outside of our Metropolis. These funds do NOT go to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) or Project Mexico, or another other international project. These funds do NOT pass through directly to the six mission parishes of our Metropolis.


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