Our Missions

Our Ministry currently works with seven Mission Parishes throughout the Metropolis of San Francisco. Find out where they are and plan a visit!

Our Ministry defines a Mission Parish as one that does not yet have  a permanent full-time priest.

Mission Parishes

Pasco, Washington – St. Nectarios (Mission)
served two Sundays a month by Fr. John Angelis
Building status: owned building, temporary

Salem, Oregon (Mission)
served every Sunday by various regional clergy. The mission is under the spiritual direction of Fr. Jerry Markopoulos.
Building status: rented space, temporary; newly redesigned website, implementing their Strategic Plan

Roseburg, Oregon – Holy Cross (Mission)
served two Saturdays a month by Fr. Jerry Markopoulos (Eugene)
Building status: rented space, temporary
Milestone: Met. Gerasimos visited and blessed the mission with the name of “Holy Cross” in Sept. 2015

Bend, Oregon (Mission)
served two Sunday a month by Father Jason Roll
Building status: rented space, temporary
Milestone: Started in 2024

Maui, Hawaii (Mission)
served one Saturday monthly by Fr. Alexander Leong (Honolulu)
Building status: rented space, temporary

Flagstaff, Arizona – Holy Cross (Mission)
served every Sunday by Fr. Basil Rosu (Chandler)
Building status: purchased land with existing building in October 2016

Lake Havasu City, Arizona (Mission)
served twice monthly
Building status: rented space, temporary
Milestone: meeting in their own rented space in 2018, temporary

Orthodox Mission Church of Coolidge and Florence Arizona
served every Sunday by Father Earl Cantos.