Resources for thriving as “the Church at Home” during the coronavirus pandemic.

March 2020 Care & Consolation (PDF booklet) 

For fans of Tod Bolsinger’s book about adaptive change in church ministry, this is truly a Canoeing the Mountains moment. We can’t do church the way we’re used to, so how do we continue to “be the Church” in the reality we face? This resource collection is meant to help individuals and parish communities pray, plan, and figure out their next move.


Individual pages provided as PDFs

Spiritual Fortification – 1 pg

Resources for How we Spend our Days – 2pgs

Church Online – 1pg

Articles of Consolation – 5 pgs

Life of St. Nikiphoros the Leper – 1 pg

Metropolis of San Francisco Youth & Young Adult Ministry’s Stay-at-Home Lent Bingo – 1pg

Resource Collections
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Resources – link
Resources collected by the Assembly of Canonical Bishops – link

Stewardship Calling Resources by Bill Marianes – podcast and show script
Scroll down to the April 1, 2020 program notes
Video Content

The following live meeting recordings are all available on our Ministry YouTube Channel

Church Online: Live-streaming & Zoom – link
Featuring Pres. Pat Tsagalakis and Danica Sheean
Recorded Thursday, April 2, 2020

Giving & Preparing: Parish Financial Questions – link
Featuring Fr. Aris Metrakos & George Psefteas
Recorded Friday, April 3, 2020 

Observing Holy Week & Pascha from Home – link
Featuring Fr. Steve Tsichlis and Elissa Bjeletich
Recorded Monday, April 6, 2020

Created for Connection: Ministry from Afar – link
Featuring George Papageorge and Pres. Pat Tsagalakis
Recorded Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Articles, Prayers, and Podcasts

Parish COVID Contingency Plan created by our Metropolis of San Francisco Parish Leadership Ministry Director Steve Tibbs – link

Prayer by Metropolitan Joel of Edessa – link 

Message of Archbishop Anastasios of Albania to his flock (source: OCMC) – link – another Listing of Live Liturgical Services, organized by jurisdiction – link

The Art of Socializing during a Quarantine (source: The Atlantic) – link

10 Creative Ways to Connect with your Community (source: – link

From Crisis to Catalyst: How to Innovate Well by Asking Three Key Questions (source: Christianity Today) – link


Exploring Technological Tools

Live-streaming: Setting up parish live-streaming by the GOA Department of Internet Ministries – link

Zoom: Live, Interactive Zoom Training Webinars are offered daily by Zoom – link

Zoom: On-Demand/Pre-Recorded Training by Zoom – link

Tips for Zoom Meetings – a 1 pg PDF by the Metropolis of SF Missions & Evangelism Ministry – link


Creativity thrives in the face of adversity – this photo is from Holy Apostles in Shoreline, Washington.