Our annual online book study nurtures conversation and community surrounding great Orthodox Christian books. This year’s book is Growing Young.

The goal is to encourage one another to explore important Orthodox Christian spiritual literature. Through conversation and a supportive environment, we challenge one another to draw closer to Christ and share our love for God with others.

The goal of the after-Pascha book study is to connect, grow in our faith, and challenge ourselves to share Orthodoxy with others.

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Our 2021 Book

Growing Young, by Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin

This book offers six strategies for engaging people who are longing to grow closer to Jesus Christ. The concepts presented here are equally impactful for young adults and newcomers of every demographic. If you want to be a stronger greeter, mentor, parent, ministry-leader, and parishioner-at-large, this book is for you.

General Flier

Announcing our Special Guests Flier

2021 Reader’s Guide – Introduction

Week Two Discussion Guide – this PDF includes the introductory and Week One pages. The final two pages address the Week Two discussion, which will take place May 18th at 6:30 p.m. PT

Week Three Discussion Guide – including an article by special guest, Elizabeth Buck

Week Four Discussion Guide – Fueling a Warm Community with Max Ramseyer and Anna Teodosiadis

Week Five Discussion Guide – Prioritizing Young People [and Families] Everywhere with Fr. Andrew Barakos

Week Six Discussion Guide – Being the Best Neighbors with Kenny Kidd

Full Guide Available Here

How to Participate
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  5. Join weekly live discussions via Zoom video conferencing. Link and discussion guides will be sent to registered participants each Monday.